Match History

The Aim Lab match history page lets you view all the tasks you performed recently along with your scores.
  1. Task Icon. This icon should be identical to the one used in Aim Lab.
  2. Date Time. When you performed this particular task.
  3. Task Name. The name of the task performed.
  4. Score. Your score for the task performed.
  5. VOD. The yellow VOD indicator is displayed if there is a recorded VOD that goes along with the task.

Task Details

  1. Match Summary. See Match History.
  2. Match Sharing Button. See Match Sharing.
  3. VOD. See Video Player.
  4. VOD Picker. See VOD Picker.
The bottom of the Aim Lab task details page are graphs that display your progress in the stat over time in terms of some of the metrics that are collected by Aim Lab. For all tasks, the score is tracked (Score tab). For certain tasks, other metrics such as a # of kills, time to kill, and accuracy are collected (Task Specific tab).