Stat Visualization


The stat visualization screen allows you to visualize your stats across the games supported by SquadOV. Note that currently only Aim Lab stats are supported. To access the stat visualization screen, go to the App Navigation bar, select the Performance drop down, and click on Visualization. To get started, click on the blue plus button. In the dialog window that pops up, select the stats you wish to visualize and click “Add”. Finally, you will see a graph pop up with a line graph displaying the select stats.
  1. Selected Stats. These are the stats you selected to visualize along with controls on how to visualize the data. The controls are game/stat-specific. The red delete button removes the stat from the visualization.
  2. Stat Legend. Displays the name of the stat along with the color used to display the stat on the graph. You can click on the stat in the legend to toggle whether it’s displayed/hidden.
  3. Timeline. Drag the white handlebars to control the range of the X-axis.
  4. Graph. A smoothed line graph of the stats in question.

Aim Lab Stats

There are three options you have when configuring how Aim Lab stats are displayed:
  • Group. Controls what to use to aggregate data into a single visualized data point. For example, if group is set to “Date” and function is set to “Average”, all Aim Lab tasks played on the same date will be averaged together for display.
  • Function. Function used to aggregate data. Can be average (statistical mean), min (lowest numerical value), or max (highest numerical value).
  • Sort. Whether to sort the group value (e.g. the date) in ascending order or descending order.